MAREFSOL has the expertise and the means to deliver a wide range of completely assembled RSW Chiller units to the requirements of the customer.

We have delivered many Re-frigerated Seawater Units specially de-signed for Marine Applications as compact as possible but still accessi-ble for service and maintenance.
These units can be delivered including the electrical switchboard with its con-trols, as well as the insulation system on the Heat Exchanger and piping.

Good quality for a competitive price

RSW Coolers

We can deliver any type of replacement RSW cooler or condenser in case of a failure due to freezing or corrosion. We will help the client to deliver a cooler that can replace the cooler on board or at site. We offer;

  • Complete design and engineering of the replacement cooler;
  • Check the thermal design of the RSW cooler with our licensed software of HTRI;
  • Check the possibility to re-use the covers of the existing RSW cooler as it will be easier to re-install the existing piping system;
  • Check the position of original supports and connections to limit the time of re-installation.
    classification society;

The picture below shows a 6 Pass RSW pre-chiller cooler that can cool down 25 m3/hr of seawater from 30 to
–1 °C in one step. The cooler is a re-placement cooler for a BLOKSMA cool-er that failed after 10 years of operation.
The original cooler had Bronze covers which have been re-used to save costs and for easier re-installation. Delivery including CE-PED declaration of con-formity or certification by any ships clas-sification society.

Technical information

Shore and Offshore
Dimensions & Capacities
Acc. Customer requirements
Refrigeration data
Ammonia, HFC’s, CO2 , Propylene, R404a, R507, R449a, etc.
Design temperatures
From -50 °C and higher
Design Pressure
Up to 100 Bar
Oil carry over
Unit design
Solidworks Premium
Thermal design
MAREFSOL (HTRI software)
Unit design / Arrangement
Mechanical design
Refrigeration design
Heat Exchanger materials
Carbon Steel Titanium CuNi 90/10 CuNi 70/30 Stainless; AISI 304, 316L, 316Ti Super duplex; SAF2205, SAF2507
Covered standards, design codes and Classification soci-eties for unit design
Standards and design codes CE-PED ASME (U-stamp) BS-PD5500 AD Merkblätter
Stop valves
AWP or Danfoss
Control equipment
Electric motors
Siemens, Leroy Somer, WEG