Engineering of Cooling and Freezing Equipment

MAREFSOL has expert knowledge of the design of units and equipment. Our units and systems are completely designed by ourselves, starting with the thermal design of the shell and tube heat exchangers, the compressor units with our own oil separators, that have a very low oil throw over, and finally the complete unit and system that includes all the equipment as mentioned above.


  • RSW units and RSW-pre chiller units
  • Brine chiller units;
  • Screw compressor units for all types of refrigerants including CO2
  • Two stage compressor units for low temperature applications
  • Oil separators, liquid separators and other pressure vessels
  • Slurry ice or flo-ice units
  • Froster plates for vertical and Horizontal platefreezers,. Frosterplates have been designed and delivered for Ammonia, Brine and CO2 applications;
  • CO2 frosterhoses and fittings