Service Refrigeration Systems

Service Refrigeration Systems

We service refrigeration systems wherever required and have performed service, testing and commissioning from New Zealand to Mexico and many other parts of the world. Our service engineers are trained to work on systems that are installed aboard of almost every Marine Application and almost any Onshore and Off shore refrigeration system. Our engineers have F-gas as well as Ammonia and CO2 certification.

Compressor overhaul

We are trained to overhaul Screw compressors and re-ciprocating compressors and have experience with the following brands;
• Mayekawa
• Bitzer.
Service can be performed on site but we also have the means and Tools to perform the job in our workshop.

Laser Alignment

We have the Tools (SKF Laser Alignment) to align the motor to the compressor when required. This can be done after a motor or compressor replacement or when there is a suspicion of mis alignment.

Heat exchanger inspection replacement and repair.

When Shell and Tube Heat exchanger work with corro-sive media like seawater and Calcium Chloride they can suffer from corrosion. In many cases this will eventually lead to a failure of the Heat exchanger causing the cooling mediium to enter the system.

Eddy Current Analyses
When requested we can inspect the heat exchanger on site with Eddy Current Analyses to check the wall thick-ness of the tubes. The report will show which tubes have reduced wall thickness after which we can advise which tubes should be replaced to prevent tube failure .

Replacement and repair

We can repair shell and tube Heat exchangers or replace them when necessary. Additionally we can advise which materials are the best for the application.


We have the Tools to do a simple vibration test on the electrical motor and compressor of the refrigeration system. This will give a very good impression if the vi-bration limits are not exceeded. Excessive vibration can lead to serious damage of the compressor and the mo-tor. When vibration levels are exceeded, the case of the problem must be investigated and resolved.

Spare Part Deliveries

We can deliver and install spare and replacement parts for almost every refrigeration system or compressor.

Platefreezer plates

We design and produce replacement plates for plate-freezers. We have delivered thousands of plates for brine systems and CO2 systems with improved, heat transfer, strength and corrosion resistance.

Replacement of outdated control systems of refrigeration systems.

A refrigeration systems and its components in general will always stay in operation for a much longer period than the control systems of the refrigeration plant.
The lifetime of industrial PLC and computer systems is in General 15 years after which it is difficult to buy spares and when they are available the price is very high.
We replace complete control systems together with the Human Machine Interface and rewrite the software. We will do the complete change and will prepare back plates for the original electrical panel to perform the change as soon as possible.

By-pass Brine Filters

We deliver By-pass Brine Filters that are installed in CaCl2 systems. The brine filter has 4 strong magnets inside that will collect steel particles from the system.
The filterhousing is made from stainless steel and is equipped with pressure gauges to monitor the pressure difference of the filter as dirt indication.