Spares & Services

Service, Testing and Commissioning

Service and repair is an important part of the services of MAREFSOL BV as we have maintenance contracts with a number of clients for service and preventive maintenance of their complete installations. We have serviced;

–          Mayekawa compressors;
–          Howden compressors;
–          Grasso compressors;
–          Stal compressors;
–          Bitzer compressors;.

As compressors are only part of the system we also dedicated ourselves to any other part of the refrigeration systems such as stop and safety valves, Danfoss controls and valves, plate freezer components such as plates and hoses.

Plate freezer plates and hoses;

Meanwhile we have delivered thousands of plates to replace froster plates that were worn out after long term service aboard of a fishing vessel. We have delivered Ammonia, Brine and CO2  plates for the replacement of the following platefreezer makers;

–          Jackstone;
–          DSI;
–          MMC;
–          Kvaerner.

The plates as mentioned above were not just copies as we changed the internal channels either to improve the Flow pattern, Heat transfer, mechanical strength or leakages of the connections.

Additionally we deliver replacement CO2 hoses that have also been improved considerably not only on quality but also on the price.

Heat exchanger repair and service

MAREFSOL has expert knowledge on Shell and tube heat Exchangers as we design these Heat Exchangers ourselves with software of HTRI. In case of Heat exchanger failure we can analyse the cause of the problem, advise the best solution and replace or repair the Heat Exchanger.