Cooling solutions for Fishing Vessels

Cooling solutions for fishing vessels

Large pelagic freezing trawlers have in general extensive and complex refrigeration systems aboard. Large quantities of fish are pre-cooled from tropical water temperatures to -1 °C and kept at that temperature before freezing the fish to a temperature of -20 °C. After freezing the blocks of fish they are packed and stored in the holds that are kept at -25 °C.

We offer complete systems or equipment for:

  • Freezing systems with capacities up to 500 Tons per day, including Ammonia/brine systems and Ammonia pump systems;
  • Ammonia/CO2 cascade freezing systems for low temperature applications such as freezing trawlers;
  • Freezing processes of fish in plate freezers and tunnels;
  • Refrigerated holds for storage of the frozen blocks;
  • Refrigerated Seawater (RSW) systems;
  • RSW-P chiller units for pre-cooling of fresh seawater of outboard conditions directly to -1 °C;
  • Storage of fish in refrigerated seawater tanks and the design of automated processes;
  • Slurry ice or flo-ice systems to create a buffer capacity in the RSW tanks by means of ice for rapid cooling down of the fresh catch;