Cooling for Reefer Vessels

Cooling for Reefer vessels

Reefer vessels are used to transport large volumes of fruits and perishables. As the average age of the fleet is quite high many of the systems still have R22 direct expansion systems or R22/brine systems. New vessels are in general equipped with Ammonia / brine systems.

In 2018, four (4) New Reefer vessels (For Seatrade in the Netherlands) will be added to the fleet that will have a refrigeration system of MAREFSOL BV. We were responsible for;

  • Complete design of the refrigeration system;
  • Complete design of the air circulation systems and the air distribution from the gratings;
  • Arrangement of the brine chiller unit room;
  • Arrangement and sizing of the ducting inside the holds;
  • Design and arrangement of the indirect cooling systems with brine (CaCl2);
  • Design and arrangement of the aircoolers inside the deckhouses;
  • Design and delivery of the Brine Chiller units;
  • Design and delivery of the Brine Manifold;
  • Design and delivery of the aircoolers and the fans for the refrigerated;
  • Design and delivery of the complete electrical and automation system (Siemens) for the refrigeration system;
  • Newbuild supervision;
  • Testing and commissioning;
  • Classification of the Refrigeration system by Bureau Veritas;