About Marefsol


MAREFSOL experience comes from twenty-five years of experience and involvement with refrigerated processes mainly for Marine Applications. During this period we have designed and delivered systems and equipment for the following applications:

  • Large fishing vessels, such as; pelagic freezer trawlers with RSW tanks and storage holds, tuna seiners and purse seiners;
  • Fishing vessels with flake ice machines and fish precooling systems;
  • Reefer vessels transporting fruits and frozen product.
  • Juice carriers and related industry such as freezing of fresh orange juice.
  • Cruise industry such as the chilled water units for the AC system and the cooling and freezing refrigeration systems for the provision cooling and freezing stores.
  • Live stock and Ro-Ro carriers for the design of the air ventilation systems.
  • Equipment design and delivery for refrigeration systems such as screw compressor units, plate freezers, slurry ice units, vacuum ice systems, oil and liquid separators, etc.